Freelance Web Design

Project Overview

Zeelo is a coach sharing company located in London, United Kingdom. They hired me to review the user experience of their website and come together with their team to design a brand new frontage for their website and mobile apps, focusing on enhancing the user experience of their at the time confusing booking flow. I worked with their development team and founders to tackle the issues their customers where facing, utilising their existing user data and qualitative user testing.

Design Process

Heading over to their London offices, I set out to learn about the business and the issues their customers were facing and overall how I could help the business improve and achieve their customer conversion goals. After an initial sit down, I set out to look into their data via Google Analytics and User Experience data tool Hotjar.

After looking into their existing data points, we set out to conduct limited budget user testing via UsabilityHub and customer surveys. Matching the customer feedback to the qualitative feedback, we had a clear goal that would make the customer journey easier, and bring in more conversions. Make the booking flow - flow.


Working mobile first, we set out to make the booking flow easier to understand for users. The interface needed to allow the user to choose location pickup with multiple pickup points, allow the user to choose seats, find the return pickup point and clearly see the time that the coach would be returning. Keeping the customer informed on where to go and the timings of their coach pickup throughout the booking process was crucial as the business informed me that some customers where sometimes late to the return pickup. I set out to create a wireframe prototype of our new booking flow, taking into account the feedback received from the initial research.

After the wireframes where finalised, we created a small batch of UsabilityHub Click tests to confirm our finalised wireframe prototype. The results from the prototype qualitative tests where promising and looked to reduce user confusion on the booking interface.

Once the feedback came back, we got the green light to move ahead into applying the finishing coat of branding colours and the design system set out.


The new booking flow & website redesign was released and set out into production, after 3 months of conversion data and completed bookings where up 6-8%. We also monitored drop off points, exits where all down by 10-20%. This was a successful re-design of the booking flow and website, and set the company up for future projects with a structure to test, design and deliver.

After I departed the company for my next role, funding was achieved of £1million+ and a full design team was brought in. The booking flow was kept the same even after another spruce up of the interface, a testament for the hard work the team put in.

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