Google Adsense & Social Media Advertising Consultant, based in Devon. Getting you noticed.

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Get started with Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Looking to get started in paid search advertising? Or just looking for some advice on how to optimise your campaigns? Then I can help. With my paid advertising consultation, we can have an initial call to map out what your goals of the campaign look like and work on a strategy that will eventually achieve those goals. Whether it's more revenue, better brand reach or even just a simple newsletter campaign, I'll help deliver the results you're after. I have previous experience in dealing with ads on various platforms, from Twitter all the way to Reddit, I can also help advise on which platform may be best to reach your customer base.

Google Adsense Advertising

Google Adsense is Google's pay per click advertising engine, it's those top search results you see on a google search page. This form of pay per click advertising is probably the most complex and usually has client's scratching their head. As a paid search consultant, I can help your create a new campaign or modify your existing campaign to better target your customer base and increasing your revenue per click. The best first step if you're looking into Google Adsense is always contacting google to get a free initial advice call, they will usually lead you into spending more money, but they can also guide you through the enormous platform and potentially add a discount to your account.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has boomed recently, and this is due to the results that client's are seeing. Social media advertising when "done right" can deliver amazing results and a higher revenue per click than any other digital marketing strategy. Whether it's Facebook or Reddit, I can deliver a campaign that is optimised and creative. All my social media advertising campaigns are budget and results focused, making sure the campaign stays on track and delivers the results we're wanting.

Benefits of Running PPC Adverts

If you're a new brand, or a brand that's never dipped into digital marketing campaigns then hiring a PPC consultant is usually the correct approach. I'll advise and guide you through the strange and wonderful world of advertising campaigns, and get a campaign setup for you with your goals and budget in mind. There's numerous benefits to running PPC adverts, you can showcase your brand's website to the world or push for new customer sales. It's completely up to you on what your end result is.

Results Focused

All the campaigns I set up for clients are results focused, whether that's an SEO campaign or a PPC campaign. I'll make sure we stay on budget and monitor the campaigns throughout their lifecycle, changing or editing to make sure they are always delivering top results. If you're interested in starting a PPC campaign, or just fancy a chat around digital marketing, please get in touch using the phone number or email address listed below.