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CraftCMS in Devon and the wider UK

I'm a freelance Craft CMS developer based in Devon, but I serve the wider United Kingdom. (as well as some clients in the United States). I have a built a wide range of websites in Craft CMS, from my voucher code website Vouchertoday all the way to smaller blog websites. My general web development expertise and Craft CMS's flexibility allows me to build any type of website that client's want, whilst maximising my client's budgets. Feedback from my client's have always been positive, and they are always surprised to see how easy the backend of Craft CMS is to edit and change - giving my client's flexibility to change and update their website on their own.

Why use CraftCMS instead of Wordpress?

Wordpress is always going to be king of the internet, a lot of websites are built upon the technology. It grabs people in quickly by how quick you can get something setup, either by external third-party plugins or simply by installing a theme. The struggle comes when you try to either modify a third party plugin or extend Wordpress to do something custom, this is when the costs spiral and it becomes hazardous. Even adding a custom field to a blog post - becomes a difficult task. The number one reason clients come to me to move away from Wordpress is due to the speed, following close second is security vulnerabilities. Adding numerous plugins and custom themes slow's Wordpress down to snail's pace. With Craft CMS, you have full control over the development, yes you may need a freelance Craft CMS developer, but with this you will have a fully expandable website which is blazingly fast. Build exactly what you want with Craft CMS - without limitations.

Happy to be apart of the growing Craft CMS Community.

I've been part of the Craft CMS community from the early days when they were on Slack. I've helped numerous people either on the new Discord channel or via Stack Overflow. I keep my ear to the ground on any new advancements in the technology, as well as any great plugins that have recently come out. I've also helped people get started with Craft CMS by writing a tutorial in Smashing Magazine. The technology has helped me create advanced projects in half the time.

Delivering sites, without limitations.

After years of Wordpress, a lot of websites are now struggling to expand past the limitations of Wordpress. Wordpress was initially built as a content writing/blog system, people rarely expand it past this without spaghetti code or hundreds of plugins. Craft CMS allows you to expand your site to unlimited possibilities, Booking system? Sure. Simple Blog? Absolutely. Full eCommerce Store? Sure can. Whatever project you're looking to undertake, Craft CMS is the perfect content management system for it, you can even make it headless - if you're looking for an advanced API based website. I'd be more than happy to have a free initial call to find our more about your upcoming Craft CMS project and how I can help you in delivering it.

When you need a freelance Craft CMS Developer.

Craft CMS development studios are great, but they cost an arm and a leg. As a freelance Craft CMS developer I charge lower rates but with the same attention and care. I'll deliver a fast-performing Craft CMS website and design it if you need that as well. I can take your CraftCMS development from an initial sketch all the way through to a fully functioning (and flying fast) website, delivering an excellent user experience and easy back office management. Craft CMS has a steep learning curve, and a few caveats, if you're interested in learning yourself, I'm more than happy to help with consulting as well as development.

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