Freelance Web Developer based in Devon with E-Commerce experience.

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Developing Clean & Efficient Websites

I build clean and efficient websites, no spaghetti code around here! I will always aim to deliver a website which is future proof and ready to be put in front of potential investors or customers. If you want to grow your own development team, they'll be able to easily pick up my clean commented code and understand what each piece of code is doing. Whether it's Shopify theme development, Wordpress coding or a completely bespoke web development project, I can help develop and guide the project into being future proof and have industry best practice.

Lightning Fast Websites

Speed is everything nowadays, more than ever users are out and about browsing on their mobiles, usually with a 3G connection at best. Websites should be blazingly fast, or you could lose our on a customer. Studies have found that having a slow website can drastically impact your potential to make a sale online. Any website I start developing has speed in mind, optimising imagery, putting your website into the fastest hosting and delivering your content via a content delivery network (CDN). A good benchmark for speed is loading in under one second for mobile devices. (Having a fast website can also help you rank higher in the search engines!)

E-Commerce Development

As a web designer and developer, I've been helping people take their brick & mortar store online. Currently, the best industry practice for practicality and ease of use is either Shopify or WooCommerce. Both of these solutions have their ups and downs, but I can help guide you to make the right choice and develop a store that can be both future proof and easy to customise on your own. Each e-commerce project I take on whether that's from the initial design or just development, I make sure to deliver results that will drive conversion and make your online store a success.

Building for Scale

A lot of clients come to me with pre-built or theme's that they have installed and now want to expand upon. Usually, plugins and theme's in their nature don't want to be expanded on and usually require going to the original developer for advice, which they then charge a large sum due to you being locked in. My approach is to think about your overall goal in an initial discussion, and see whether we could build out either a new infrastructure that can achieve your end goal. All my development projects start with an initial call, finding out more about your project, and seeing what's the best way forward. If you're looking to start something new or expand on your business, get in touch with me today on the below number.

Let's start something great 7792 069547