Freelance E-Commerce Web Designer & Developer, based in Devon. Shopify & More.

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Ready to take your store online?

Whether you're at the idea stage or know exactly how you'd like to start selling online, I can help. From design all the way to development and marketing, all in one contact. I can help deliver bespoke but affordable e-commerce solutions to get your store online and making revenue. Whether you're a traditional store selling to an end customer or need something completely bespoke like holiday rentals, I can help develop and build what you're after with various software as a service development backends such as Shopify or Craft Commerce, both allowing you to take ownership of your store and customise where you need to.

eCommerce Web Design & Development Process

When you get in touch with me, we will first book in an initial preliminary call, understanding your business and what you're after to build, as well as listen to your ultimate goals of the projects what you'd like to achieve as a business. After our initial call, I'll send you over a brief with a pricing estimate, once agreed we can get started either from a design stage or from a development stage. After designs and development is signed off, we will have a handover call that will allow me to demonstrate how to manage your store. Once handover is complete, your store will be up and running. If anything goes wrong, or you need support I'm only an email or phone call away.

Shopify. WooCommerce. Craft Commerce.

I can develop and design for a multitude of backends such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Craft Commerce. If you have a preference, I can develop with this in mind, but if you're open to suggestions, I'll advise on the best e-commerce solution for your Business. When developing, I'll make sure to allow customisations wherever I can, meaning you won't need to contact anyone to change a color, you can just logon and change it yourself. Whatever your business needs, there's a e-commerce system that'll help you achieve your goals.

Shipping, Payments, Notifications and Fulfilment

Everything you need to create and build an online store, I can help or advise on most of the above. But, as a business, you shouldn't make anything more complicated that it needs to be. We use systems such as Shopify and WooCommerce that can nearly eliminate the complication with Payment, Shipping and Customer Accounts. I don't particularly go with bespoke or Magento as these often cause complications and need a huge amount of development effort and budget.

From Sketch to your First Paying Customer

I can take your online e-commerce store from an initial sketch to your first online customer. I can help at any stage of your project, and whether you're with WooCommerce, Shopify or CraftCommerce. As a multi-functioning designer, I can also help with marketing, so that your current customers and future customers can find your store, whether that's through SEO or through Paid Advertising. Your project, with me can be all under one roof, no third party contractors or sub-contracting. Get in touch today to start your e-Commerce web project.