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SEO in Devon and the wider UK

Search is now a major part of every business, from cafe's in local towns to huge eCommerce stores around the world. Search is how everyone starts their purchasing journey, and if you're the first port of call you're more likely to bag the sale or visit. I've worked in various London companies, from startups to large eCommerce stores such a Notonthehighstreet. During the time at these companies I learned best practice and how to score those coveted top positions in Google. Now based in Devon, I bring my SEO skills to businesses in the South West and the wider United Kingom. Whether you're just starting your SEO journey or you're looking for someone who can help or advise, I can help.

Passion for SEO

During my time designing websites, I always had to relay to the Search Engine Optimisation team, giving me excellent tips and valuable information that can score those top positions in Google. After my time at these companies, I developed a passion for SEO and started working on a personal project that could hone my skills - Vouchertoday. Which I personally grew from zero visitors to a steady revenue stream and numerous first position rankings. I provide any size of business with SEO advice and support, whatever your budget, I can work towards giving you a detailed proposal and plan that will put you on the correct track to scoring those top positions.

Getting your Business Noticed

Whatever your budget, I work hard to give a detailed mouldable plan which we can either work on together or you can take and develop yourself. I give targeted and detailed audits of your current website, working out where the attention needs to be directed and what needs fixing. I will also supply hints and tips to rank high in the local search results, so whenever someone searches in your local area - you'll be the top choice. So, if you're looking to grow your business in Devon using SEO, I can help. Whether that's redesigning your website to be SEO friendly, or quick fixes to speed up your website and gain search engine rankings.

E-Commerce SEO That Hits Your Sales Targets

My Devon SEO packages can help you deliver first page rankings for your e-commerce store and products. Whether you want to rank for "artisan soap" or "horse boxes devon" I can help build a strategy that can get products noticed, and also recognise products that could deliver you more income with a little effort. As a Devon SEO consultant, I help deliver a backlink strategy and media outreach to get your products notice and grow "Backlinks" towards your website. Let's start getting you those first page rankings, and leave the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) behind for good.

Devon SEO Consulting Pricing

Well, it can depend on your situation. Every client's business is unique and their SEO package should be too. They usually start at £500 for a detailed audit and an action plan, the price increases if you'd like to be hands-off and let me do the heavy lifting for you, implementing the action plan and giving you monthly reports of your Devonshire search engine rankings. Packages are completely custom and flexible to your budget, if you need something unique, just let me know by getting in touch on the email or phone number below.

Our SEO Packages Work.

I don't do "if's, buts or maybe's" I do facts. I'll work hard to make sure I'll deliver the best SEO strategy for your company, that will not only give results for your money but also make sure your business is on the right direction for SEO success in the future, whatever you try and rank for. I've worked in numerous industries, but SEO strategy can be used across all industries.

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